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The LEARNING LINKô process is designed for anyone wanting or needing to improve skills in Algebra (all levels), Geometry, Trigonometry, Math (grades K - 7), and Reading.

LEARNING LINKô is the ultimate choice for:

  • Students not sufficiently challenged in school

  • Students struggling with grade level materials

  • Students who are Home Schooled

  • Students seeking enrichment

  • Students who need to revisit basic skills

  • Adults wanting to sharpen reading or math skills

  • Preparation for annual state exams and various qualifying exams such as: ASVAB, ACT, SAT, etc.

  • Our programs are endorsed by an internationally renowned panel of educators and have been approved for NCLB (No Child Left Behind) tutoring purposes.

  • We follow the guidelines of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics and our curriculum is aligned with Arkansas State Standards.

  • Our programs have been used by Boys & Girls Clubs of America and endorsed by UAW-Ford and Wal-Mart.

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